SBS Facts

Each year in the United States alone; an estimated 1,400 – 1,600 babies are diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. SBS is the leading cause of death in abusive head trauma cases. Between children who have been misdiagnosed, haven’t sought treatment, and in cases of death without autopsy; it is widely believed that the actual number of SBS victims is almost triple that of the diagnosed cases.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is a form of child abuse with severe consequences; 1/3 of the victims with suffer mild to moderate lifelong disabilities, 1/3 will suffer moderate to severe lifelong disabilities, 1/3 of these children WILL DIE, while only about 7% of survivors will develop seemingly without issue (new research suggest there may be a connection between children who have been shaken and later diagnoses such as: ADD, oppositional defiance disorder, aspbergers, and autism).

Before we get into additional facts and numbers, lets look at the not-so-obvious behind the scenes of an SBS victim and the people left caring for the victim..

Often times, when a child is injuried they endure a life long struggle that goes well beyond the infant and toddler years.  The parents or caregivers are now forced to face the harsh reality of placing a completely dependent child in some type of child care.  They will quickly find out that there are not many options for this type of care thus forcing said parent/caregiver to quit their job hence losing their self worth, their identity as well as putting a heavy burden on tax payers.. thats you!

Siblings of SBS victims are left to suffer silently and many go on to have relationship issues with dire consequences as well as stress disorders.

Fact: Each year in the United States 1,400 – 1,600 infants and small children are diagnosed with Shaken Baby Syndrome. One-third of victims of SBS victims die and 1/3 suffer serious, permanent disabilities. Long term follow-up of the remaining survivors confirms that 1 of 4 who appear to suffer no apparent effects from shaking are diagnosed with learning disabilities or other psychomotor delays after they reached school age.

Fact: SBS remains the leading cause of death among infants and small children from abusive head trauma.

Fact: The abusers NEVER pay the cost for hospitalizations, court and lawyer fees, therapy, and continued medical care, special education and living expenses; YOU DO! Victims’ families, tax payers, and insurance companies are responsible for what the Texas Brain Injury Association estimate cost that can easily reach $3 Million for a lifetime of care for a single victim.

Fact: A baby could fall from a height of 3 stories and not sustain as severe an injury as a shaken baby!

Fact: SBS Prevention works. SBS cases were reduced by 47% over 5 years in the Western New York State In-Hospital Program for parents of newborns that received SBS education. Parents surveyed 3 to 4 months after participating in the Massachusetts program remembered the information learned without prompting and reported using the new information about infant crying and infant soothing in caring for their babies. Over two-thirds reported they had shared the information with their child’s other caregivers.

Fact: Shaken Baby Syndrome is %100 Preventable. Providing education and support, SAVES LIVES!

The above information provided was obtained from the Massachusetts Citizens for Children website, the Shaken Baby Prevention website, and the National Center for Shaken Baby Syndrome website.